Matchmaker Education: Concentrated, One-on-One Training to Become Personal Matchmaker, Open Business

Matchmaker Training
Business Opportunity
You receive concentrated one-on-one training to become an old-fashioned personal matchmaker, then open a profitable business in your area. This is not an internet matching business or a franchise.

Personal Matchmaker Training

You as a 
Personal and Old-Fashioned

The Education 
you need to start a
Matchmaking Business.


Personal matchmaking is as old as history. It is also a profitable business when done properly. 

We own a profitable matchmaking business in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. We will share our knowledge and experience to show you how to be a personal matchmaker and start a profitable business in your area of the world.

This is not a get-rich scheme or a franchise. If you are looking for either one, this is not the place for you.

This is also not an internet matching business. It is personal matchmaking conducted with your brain and what we teach you in the matchmaker training course.

It is an excellent opportunity to become self-employed in a profitable business that is your own to name, operate, and profit from as you see fit. 

It is also an inexpensive business to start.

We offer:

  • Matchmaker training as a personal matchmaker. 
  • Business training for starting and operating a matchmaking  business on a budget..
  • A matchmaking network allowing singles to find you!
  • Free advertising for one year with free hosting of one SOLO for Singles local website.
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