Application for Young Farmer Scholarship

We offer five Young Farmer Scholarships for the Fall/Winter 2014 Sustainable Living thru Permaculture Course for aspiring young farmers from age 20 - 32.  And, yes, we will require proof of age by driver's license. 

Please apply by filling out the application below. After you have filled out the application and separately, please attach a copy of your driver's license to an email and send to village at cyberparent dot com. Please screen out your driver's license number for security purposes.

Dates in Greenville, TX for next class (2014 Fall/Winter Class) are Nov 8,9,22,23; Dec 13,14; Jan 10,11,24,25; Feb 14,15,28; Mar 1,14,15.  Graduation Day (you present your design this day) is Mar 15, 2015.

Need more information: Call Terry at 972 251-1532

Please provide the following information:

First Name
Last Name
Zip Code
Area Code
Required  How important is organic farming to you?
Required How/Where will you farm?
Do you have land? 
Required How important is sustainability to you?
if any

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