Health on the go:  nutritious recipes for healthy, quick, convenient familymeals.

Follow the proper nutrition for health in your dietby eating nutritional foods. Nutrition in your family starts with healthy  andtasty recipes. Often they need to be quick as well.  Healthy nutrition starts withbalanced diets and low fat. The recipes in CyberParent follow health and convenience. Whengood recipes are used,  nutritious foods are served every day.   Goodnutrition is part of every family’s health responsibility. These recipes help goodnutrition and most are easy, fast, quick, and convenient. Recipes that are nourishing,nutritious, healthy, and healthful.

Health on the Go!

The best recipes from CyberParents’ surfers

Fruits and vegetables are healthy, nutritional foods. Good for quick, easy, convenient nnutrition on the go.

Proper nutrition is part of each parent’s health responsibility tochildren and self. But…nutrition in today’s society also has to be convenient, easy, andquick to prepare.We hope to make it all of the above and tasty, too, with great recipes!Just good-eating.
CyberParent’s Health on the Go!

General Information:Read first for a Quick, Healthy Start! If today’s families are fatter than ever,they are also busier than ever. Cooking has to strike a happy medium. It must be quick,easy, convenient, low fat, and nutritious. Here is how to get started.

Healthy: Justhealthy.
Recipes containing no animal products including dairy and eggs. More and more experts arerecommending this type of meal several times a week. It’s hard to do, especially at first.Let CyberParent get you started.

On the Go: Quick andeasy recipes for your family.
Ways to get dinner on the table posthaste when your family is not-so-patiently waitingPLUS week-end cook ahead meals that keep or freeze well for busydays.

Special Occasion Meals:More time-consuming recipes.
No, we are not talking about holidays. We mean recipes for the cook with a little time tospare–not much time but a little, 30 minutes or so, like we might have on the week-end.

Snacks and Breakfast: The hardest to keep healthy and low-fat!
Mostly quick or prepare-in-advance snack or breakfast foods that have nutrition power!

Hints: Hints for the healthy cook on the go! CyberParent’ssurfers offer their solutions to the modern problem of nutrition with speed andconvenience.

Vegan and VegetarianNutrition Chart We received the following happytip from a CyberParentsurfer who eats vegan: "The happiest person in the world is a vegetarian lookingat the meat and fish prices at the supermarket." But how do you get all thenutrients you need without eating meat, poultry, fish, eggs, or diary? It is easy. See foryourself.

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Submit: Your favorite recipe or book review to Health onthe Go!

Book Reviews: Healthy cookbooks or related nutrition booksare reviewed here.

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