Men & Women – Understanding Genders & the Opposite Sex in Relationships

About understanding the opposite sex: male, female gender in relationships.


Women Are NOT From Venus or Venice & Men Are NOT From the Moon!

However, some women are from Venus and somemen are from Mars. By the same token, some men are from West Venus and some are from East Mars. These men rarely get along with women from Venus or Venice. In fact, these men rarely get along with women at all. Women are not from any place like Venice or Venus. Men are only from Mars during football season. Men, women, mars, Venus, or whatever, men and women should look at the opposite sex as individuals, not stereotypes.

Marriage and Relationship Needs Differ For Men and Women. Marriage and Relationships: men and women have different needs from marriage and relationships. Men need a playmate; women need a loyal companion. When the man’s and woman’s needs are not met, they may part.

Male/Female Fallacies: Males and Females Use the Same Mirror and Other Obscure Male/Female Fallacies. Males are males and females are females except when they differ from the expected. Little known male/female fallacies including male vs. female in the mirror.

Gender Understanding in Relationships. Understanding the opposite gender means understanding that gender differences,gender conceit, and gender correctness are magnified by relationships. Gender misunderstandings hurt relationships.

Genders’ Battle: A Series The Intimacy factor in thebattle of the sexes. Is Change possible in the battle of the sexes? And so forth!!

There is a difference!Of course, there are more obvious physical differences between men and women. But here is one you may not have noticed.

Gender Conceit Beware:attacking your spouse’s gender is almost the same as attacking your spouse because ofgender conceit!

Letters from Surfers Male and female surfers write about men and women.

Men and Women Talk When  men  get together, they rarely, if ever, talk about  their  feelings or inner thoughts. When women get together, they talk about feelings and relationships, their work, and their family. When a man and a woman get together…

Gender Roles:  Feminism has changed our definitions of masculine and feminine. These new roles are changing the way men and women relate as well as the way men and women work.

Feminist Movement Before the feminist movement, the typical man and woman could be envisioned on a seesaw. After the feminist movement, many women got off the seesaw.

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