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GiftIdeas and the Art of Giving
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How to Choose Perfect GiftsWe all want to give gifts that are appreciated. That takes time andtalent. Here are few gift ideas that will help.

GiftsIdeas for Men Choosing a gift for the man you love.Great gifts for him and gift ideas.

GiftsIdeas for Women Choosing a gift for the woman you love.Good gifts for her and gift ideas.

GiftsIdeas for Teens and Tweens A single father raising teens andtweens offers a few ideas for gifts for this age child.

GiftsIdeas fora New Baby  Nature’s perfect gift is a new baby. Yet one of the most fun gifts to buy or make is a baby gift for a newborn. What can you do to enhance the arrival of that newbaby? Gift ideas for babies.

How to Buy Gifts When You Hate to Shop If you hate to shop, there is nothing worse than going from store-to-storehoping to find a suitable gift. There is an easier way.

The Gift of Laughter What better gift can you give than the gift of laughter? This gift isjoyful, uplifting, and sometimes just plain therapeutic.

The Gift of Chocolate Ah, chocolate, the gift of lovers–and–those who can’t think of anythingelse to buy. 

Get the Gifts You Want Friends and family may luck outand get gifts you love or you may be putting those gifts on the closet shelfagain this year. If you prefer the former, read on…

The Art of Frugal Gifts and GiftDiscoveries The secret to giving a wonderful, but a frugal gift, is a combination of timeand thought for each person’s present.

Cross-CulturalGifts In giving gifts topersons from cultures other than your own culture, care is needed not to offend.

Creating a Gift When You Are Not Creative Creating gifts that are appreciated and save money for the uncreative.

Ideas: Buy Books as Gifts Books are an easy, fun, and often inexpensive gift to buy if you are organized.

Never-Never Gifts There are some gifts you should never give or only give under certain circumstances.

Obvious andNot-So-Obvious Gifts Someobvious gifts you might never think to give.

Romance Your Man with Gifts Ideas to help you chooseromantic gifts for that wonderful man in your life.

Small Giftsfor Teens and Tweens Ifyou need a small gift for a teen or tween in your life, here are CyberParent’ssuggestion for the gift and for the packaging of the gift.

Gifts for Your Spouseor Significant Other Yougive gifts to your spouse throughout the year. CyberParent’s suggestions forthose gifts from the heart.

ValentineGifts for Lovers  If you think your Valentine’s gifts should reflect the time andthought you spent, not the money, take these suggestions and build on them.

Ideas for WeddingGifts Weddings are a joyful, hopeful time oflife. We celebrate this event with the giving of gifts as a tribute to thecouple and to help them start their life together.

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