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Gifts: Frugal Gift Giving adn Gift Discoveries:

Gifts and Gift Giving: The secret to giving a wonderful, but a frugal, gift is a combination of timeand thought for that gift.

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Gifts and Gift Giving 

The Art of Frugal Gifts and GiftDiscoveries

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Gifts and the giving of gifts: It truly is the thought that counts with gifts. If you are thoughtful andtake your time, you can give everyone precious gifts–a gift that money could never buy.

Frugal Gift Secrets
The secret to giving a wonderful, but a frugal, gift is a combination of timeand thought for that gift.

1. Time: It does take time to find perfect, but inexpensive gifts. If you don’thave time to spare, you need to start early to give yourself extra time tobrowse or create!

2. Thought: Make a permanent list of everyone in your life who deserves agift from you. Think about that person and any gift you have ever seen light uphis/her eyes. Make a note of that gift or gifts, along with at least threepersonal interests and hobbies. Before each gift shopping spree, review thatlist, then take it with you, of course.

Miscellaneous Gifts
Try the second-hand stores. 
Second-hand stores, even thrift stores, can harbor gifts for every person onyour list. Go with your list in hand and three interests of that person. You maynot find the perfect gift for everyone on your first try, but go back again andthe best gift imaginable may be waiting for you 

Books as a Gift
Try used or discount book stores for a perfect gift for everyone on your list.Here is how:
1. List all who need a gift
2. Beside each name, list three interests appropriate for a gift.
3. Think about the reading habits of each person: 

  • Do they like to read? If so, a book is the perfect gift.
  • Are they more visual? If so, a book is still a good gift, but look for one with many illustrations or photographs. You can also give a video or DVD
  • Do they read to learn or like to learn? If so, a non-fiction book on one of their interests is an excellent gift.
  • Do they read to relax? If so, fiction books make gifts for them easy. A local book store near us has many fiction paperbacks for $1 each. A box of paperbacks would be a near-perfect gift. Yes, they may have read one or two but that won’t matter. Or keep an eye out for garage sales. 
  • If you are a reader of fiction paperbacks, keep your gently-read books for a period of time. Box them up as a gift for another paperback reader.
  • Are they "fixer-uppers." A "How-to’ book is a good gift for this person.

Easy Shopping
Make frugal giving easy on yourself. For a shopping list of books, reviewed and recommended by CyberParent, then arranged by topic or interest, click here.

Giftsfor Men
Gifts for Women

Gifts for Kids
Family Gifts

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Gifts and the giving of gifts.

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Create a Gift
This is a subject in itself. Even if you are not creative, you canuse our ideas to create a gift for someone special. Create gifts.

Buy a Gift with Another Person
Maybe you and your siblings can get mom and dad a nice gift by joining forcesand pocketbooks.

It truly is the thought that counts with gifts. If you are thoughtful andtake your time, you can give everyone precious gifts–a gift that money could never buy.

If you have another suggestions for a frugal gift,please send it here. Thankyou.

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