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Male of Style: The Outer Man

By Chris Wilson

Man: As much as a man deserves to be taken on his own merits, people are attracted  or repelled by the plumage  displayed.

For the Male of Today: 

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Whether we like it or not, ours is definitely a society of packaging.

Manufacturers sometimes spend as much money packaging their products as they do on the product itself. Deft retailers sell the sizzle rather than the steak.

As much as we all deserve to be taken on our own merits, we are attracted  or repelled by the plumage people display.

Your appearance, whether you are a man or a woman, is the first impression you make. This doesn't apply to being heavy, thin,  or handsome. It's the way you are groomed, whether you smile or not, how you walk, the clothes you are wearing and the message they send, how you stand, and even how you smell.

Some items can be changed. Some cannot. Others take a long time to change.

However, any man who wants to create a handsome, masculine image and reach   his personal best can do so. Once a man gets the elements of hair, nails, skin, physical conditioning, and personal style together, he can easily maintain his image.

The key seems to be the desire to create a stylish, groomed image.

Donald C. Richardson in his book Men of Style writes,  "The man of style chooses the basics, then puts them together in a manner that keeps him within the bounds of good taste while still giving him an edge of individuality."

The components of style are:

  • Skin care
  • Hair care
  • Nail care
  • Body fitness and posture
  • Clothing
  • Scent

We will explore these to make you a man of style.

The man who doesn't get it together usually has what he considers valid reasons. He's too busy, can't afford it, doesn't want to be bothered, or has no  idea where to start.




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The fact of the matter is, if you do have lots of reasons for not taking care of yourself, then chances are there's only one real don't want to.

Richardson  adds, "But if a small voice inside you is urging you to at least make a start, then perhaps this is the time  to exert a little effort."

You, as a professional man of the 90s, can perfect the components of style. You can learn hair, skin, and nail care, condition yourself physically, develop taste, then put them all together in a total package.

Packaging for singles, then, is just practical.  But packaging doesn't stop with a wedding ring.

Whether it is in your business or in your dating life, first impressions count. When you refuse to package yourself, you may not get what you want.

We will start with nail care, then progress through the others: one each month.

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