Single Parent

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Single Parents 
  Disposable Dads Have child custody laws progressed for Dad? In most instances, men are still defined by the courts as "child support" in the financial sense only. What is a "disposable dad" to do?

1-2-3 Magic  It’s magic indeed for single parents. Count to three and make many discipline problems disappear. Share this discipline style with grandparents, caregivers, other extended family, and even your ex!

Divorce and Children The effects of divorce on children can be lessened by keeping lines of communication open and answering children’s questions completely.

Single Parent Keep a Sense of Family What is a family? For children of single parents it must be more than Thanksgiving dinner at Mom’s and Christmas dinner at Dad’s.

When Children Feel Loved, You’re Successful While it is true that a parent’s job is to socialize their children, if your children feel loved, then you are a success!

Three Good Books for Single Parents 

Time-out: A Discipline Series  Time-out is a loss-of-privilege discipline.  Most children of single parents will benefit from time-out as a form of discipline.



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