After the wedding: stepparents and blended families.

A web for stepparents or people who are soon tobecome stepparents. The wicked ol’ stepmother is a fairy tale but becoming astepparent and making a stepfamily is not easy.

TheStepParent’s Web.

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Introducing YOU to StepParenting The blended family has become the most common form of family.What is this all about?

Timeout: An Effective, Fair Discipline for Stepfamilies! If your child is very angry or actually having a tantrum, time-out is a very effective form of discipline.

Second Marriages with Children  Real marriages take place in the everyday world. And second marriages with children are ever-so real. This is real life as a stepparent. 

New Stepparent: Now What? So cometh the soon-to-be new stepparent! The most important part of becoming a stepparent is the prior planning you and the biological parent do before the wedding.

Thanks, Mike!  Being a stepfather has it rewards. One stepdaughter stops to thank her stepfather for his patience when she was a child and for his inspiration to her now as she becomes a stepparent herself.

Building Kinship The challenge for couples who are blending their families is to acknowledge the ways they are different from the unbroken family. Then they can establish a new, but satisfying, form of kinship.

Being a Stepparent Often brings a feeling of isolation from the biological parent and child.

Stepkin: an Evolution Americans love fairy tales. If fairy tales didn’t come true in the first marriage, well, we are often given another chance in a second one.This new marriage can be a virtual blender of people that evolves a new family of stepkin.

News About Stepparents and Stepparenting.

StepParents: Doggy-Blue   Often step-parent worries are unfounded. We worry before they come, then miss them when they are gone.

Other stepparents seek advice. Can you help them?
Letters from stepparents venting or seeking answers.
Short Questions and Answers about stepparenting issues.

One non-custody parent/spouse has visitation rights with children! What if one spouse is a non-custody 
parent with visitation rights?

Short and Long-Term Visitation
How do you handle the times when one parent has long-term visitation, such as summer, while the other spouse’s children are coming for the week-end only?

Six Conflicts for Stepfamilies Without prior discussion and planning, one of these six conflicts could derail your stepfamily! These are the most common conflicts you will face.

A Single Stepparent???  What is that?

Step Family: Blended or Blender? The prospect of a blended family can be frightening!

What if you are both non-custody parents? Start by planning a few empty week-ends for you.

Help Wanted Applicant must be strong, well-organized, and able to function well under extreme stress.

Book Review: 1-2-3Magic,  TrainingYour Child to Do What You Want,

Book Review:  TheBlended Family Sourcebook: AGuide to Negotiating Change.

Book Review:  Blending Families: A Guide for Parents, Stepparents, and Everyone Building a Successful New Family.

Book Review:  The Courage to Be a Stepmom: 
Finding Your Place Without Losing Yourself.

Book Review:  Divorce and New Beginnings.

Book Review:  Stepcoupling: Creating and Sustaining a Strong Marriage in Today’s Blended Family.

Book Review:  Step Wars: Overcoming the Perils and Making Peace in Adult Stepfamilies.

Book Review: StepWise: AGuide To Family Mergers.

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Book Review: SurvivingYour Adolescents.

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Written or compiled by Jan Wilson and Joy Stevens.

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Book Review:  The Blended Family Sourcebook Book Review:  Blending Families
Book Review:  The Courage to Be a Stepmom Book Review:  Divorce and New Beginnings
Book Review:  Stepcoupling Book Review:  Step Wars
Book Review: Step Wise Book Review: Surviving Your Adolescents.
Book Review: 1-2-3 Magic
Book Review:  The Combined Family Book Review:  Living in a StepFamily

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