About Communications and Conversations

About Communications andConversations: Talking and communication skills. Teaches meaningful conversing, talking,& communicating with others. Learn skills to improve your communications andrelationships. Communication with spouse, children & communicating at work.Communicate intimately and logically.

About Communications


AboutCommunications and Conversations.

Know Your Style ofCommunication: Communications quiz shows different styles and patterns ofcommunication and talking with people. Your communication styles and patterns are betterunderstood to help you communicate with different people.Communications are easier andmore logical.

Listening as aCommunications Skill: Listen during conversations. Learnlistening skills & listening habits. When you listen attentively, your listeningskills produce meaningful communications and better intimate communications. A goodconversationalist listens more than talks.

Acknowledgment whenTalking and Communicating Skills: When you acknowledge others intalks, they feel understood, even if you don’t agree. Acknowledging goes withtalking.Learn the three steps to acknowledgment when talking.

Conversations and Attendingwhen Conversing: Attending when conversing means focusing,looking, and paying attention. These three components of conversation are easy tounderstand and produce more satisfying conversations.

Fifteen ways to say, "I’m sorry"Do you need to apologize to someone you love? Often thatis hard to do. Here are 15 ways to say "I’m sorry" to your special person orfamily member.

Do Men and Women Talk? Men talk to men.Women talk to women. The problem is: do men and women talk to each other?

Conversation Procedures In anyconversation, certain follow-up procedures are  important. It  doesn’t really matter whether the person is a  business  acquaintance,  an attractive member of the opposite  sex,  or your mother’s friend. Trythese six pointers for a successful verbal exchange!

Negotiations Negotiations and compromises are part of any relationship.Negotiate without emotion for best results.

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