Abuse of the Elderly

Abuse of the elderly ranges from neglect to explitation to actual mental or physical abuse. Report abuse of seniors to the proper authorities.


Abuse of Elderly

Stephen Fox

Seniors can abuse themselves in a form of self-neglect. This also should be reported to authorities. Abuse of the elderly is not limited to physical or mental abuse. It is also considered abuse when seniors are exploited or when they abuse themselves by neglect.

Mental abuse of seniors can be exemplified by threats, insults, harsh orders, intimidation, and general lack of respect.

Physical abuse can be confinement, burns, beatings, sexual abuse and cuts.

Neglect is considered to be the failure to provide goods and services necessary to protect an elderly from physical or emotional harm. This can be lack of food, housing, heating, cooling, confinement, desertion, or lack of mental or physical health treatment.

When a caretaker improperly or unethically uses an elderly person’s money or resources for the personal gain of the caretaker, this is called exploitation.

Some examples of exploitation would include stealing social security checks, stealing income or property, and transferring titles to property without authorization. Other exploitation feats include convincing an elderly person to change the beneficiary on his/her will.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800 799-7233.

Additional information about abuse or being abused.

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