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Abuse: Abusive relationships: Questions,letters, venting and pleas for help from CyberParent readers.

Letters from Surfers.

I have been verbally abusing my wife and kids for 18 years my wife left and wetried to get back but I wont stop. I left and want to get help for myself. Idon’t know where to turn. I want to learn all I can and how it affected mywife and kids and how if there is any hope left to get my family back. arethere toll free numbers to call? please help me. I want to stop !!!!!! I wantto help others. I live in NY now.

Its hard for me to believe that one of the most over looked and ignored abuses perpetrated by women is verbal and mental abuse of men. I resent thecursory attention given to this epidemic. We men do need a safe place toreceive support for this type of abuse. Don’t pretend I’m not here, don’tpretend we don’t need your help.–E

This "sticks and stones may break my bones but words (and attitudes) willnever hurt me". The concept is in itself is emotionally abusive.

Hi,My name is Melissa and I can answer yes to all of the questions butone. Thisto me is confusing. My husband of only 6 months starts drinking and getsmean. He did not do this before marriage. We did not live together beforemarriage and now I’m totally lost to how this could have happened. He triesto throw me out of our (his) apartment. He says it is his apt and I mustleave. He takes the car keys and my precious little dog. Everything is hisnot ours. Our fights start about his drinking and end up with him throwing meout of the apt…with nothing and no where to go. What do I do?

I am doing a research paper and I was wondering if you could give me some infoon children who areverbally abuses: Such as signs that a child is being verbally abused. Please answer ASAP.


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