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Questions from Readers.

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Is ’emotional abuse’ an accepted diagnosis by any association?"

I loved your site! What I would like to know is, "What are your qualifications? Do you agree with Beverly Engel? Who else agrees with you? "

My wife has been cold and withdrawn from me for years and has been having multiple affairs on me. She is extremely moody and refuses to communicate.

She left me for another man. I still love and care for her. I am hoping that she gets the helps she needs. Maybe I can show her that she is an emotional abuser and that she can get better. That’s the best that I could hope for. R

Will Emotional Abuse of Mom Hurt Kids?

I know I am being emotionally abused by my husband. At this point there has been no physical abuse, although that is part of his threats from time-to-time. This is alcohol related.

We have four children. I am not capable of supporting these children myself, much less sending them to college or giving them things like braces. My husband, a professional, will certainly be vindictive when I leave. I know he will know he can get back at me through the kids. He can pretend to be broke better than anyone I know. Since he is self-employed, I will have no way of knowing.

My question is this: my last child will be out of high school in three years. If I can hang in there, will it hurt my children, anymore than they have already been hurt by seeing this, for me to remain here and thereby ensure their college education and some other financial rewards?


Abused Women

My name is Amber and I am interested in finding out how I can help women who have or may have been either physically or mentally abused. I know what it is like and fortunately I have been able to overcome the odds of regaining my self respect. It is possible to do and I would like to teach others how or at least let them know it can be done. Amber

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