Women Physical Abuse

Women and physical abuse by men.

Abuse: Abusive men batter, injure, and even kill women. Physical abuse of females by males is well-documented.


Physical Abuse of Women by Men.

Joy Stevens

Why are married and single women battered, injured, and even killed by their abusive mates and boyfriends each year?

Women and Abuse:

Verbal abuse escalates and often turns into physical abuse. And everyone knows physical abuse escalates.

Physical abuse of women in domestic violence is well-documented. Health care and law enforcement professionals are trained to look for abuse of women.

In addition, shelters, counseling, and other help is readily available for the asking.

Verbal abuse escalates and turns into physical abuse over time. Everyone knows physical abuse escalates. Yet married and single women are battered, injured, and even killed by their mates andboyfriends each year.


Low self-esteem, denial, a feeling that "things will get better," fear for her children, etc. are the reasons women stay in abusive relationships.

Mark Sandel, Co-Director of the batterer-intervention program at The Family Place in Dallas, Texas, US, had this to say about male abusers, "About the only common thread we’ve found is they are charming. I can see how their wives would fall in love with them."


Even pregnant women are abused. In April of 1997 experts with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists told doctors that up to one-quarter of pregnant women are physically abused. They also said the abuse harms not only the women but often the babies as well. Outstanding Links Singles Personals Connections SOLO for Singles Abuse Alternative Medicine Baby’s Sign Language Be a Matchmaker Birthday Book Blended Family Books Boys: Parenting Breast Feeding Choose Personal Matchmaker Communication Discipline Your Child Divorce Dr. Luv Eating Healthy Ecovillage Elder Housing Esteem for Children Family Fitness Friendship Gender Understanding Games for Kids Gifts Gifts for Men Gifts for Women Girls: Parenting Grandparents Halloween Heart Express Holistic Health Homefront Kids’ Activities Kids’ Games Kids’ Toys Intimate Lovers Love & Chemistry Love & Marriage Men Nutrition Organic Gardening Organic Food Parenting Rainforest Recipes Romance Second Marriage Senior Cohousing Seniors Shopping Place Single Parents Spoiling Infants Sports & Recreation Stepparents Stress Teens: by/for teens Timeout Toys for Kids Traveling Travel with Kids Walking Wedding Wheels Women You Dating Web Dating Again Dating Tips Dating with Kids Dinner-Match Intimacy-Opposite Sex Local Singles Webs Loneliness Love Poems & Quotes Lying and Dating Relationships Safely Single Self-Esteem Shy Single Rose Single Seniors Singles Meet Speed Dating Suddenly Single DFW e-MAG Living Tips Beauty Tips Dating/Meeting Tips for Singles Happiness Love & Romance Tips Lunchbox Notes Math/Science Fun for Kids Stay in Touch with Kids-Grandkids Free Newsletters Singles Senior CohousingDFW Earth/Green Living

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