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Alternative medicine terms defined. Holistic health theories defined. Yoga The word yoga means union of body and spirit in Sanskrit. Yoga is a maintenance tool for the Mind-Body-Spirit as the physical postures and stretches, breathing exercises, and meditation practices are all designed to integrate a person’s mind, body, and spirit. Yoga can form the basis for an entire physical, mental and spiritual fitness program or it can be the flexibility component of a balanced physical fitness program. It’s emphasis on good breathing can make meditation more effective. In fact; properly done, yoga is a form of meditation. Some benefits of yoga are to increase health, vitality, and peace of mind, to lower blood pressure, decrease back pain, decrease menstrual problems, anxieties and stress, decrease and control asthmatic attacks, reduce or omit migraines, and much more. It has been proven to retard the aging process. Yoga is among the oldest known systems of health practiced in the world today and archaeologists have found 4,000 year-old figurines in what paper to be yoga poses. Research into yoga practices has and continues to have a strong impact on the fields of stress reduction, mind-body medicine, and energy medicine. More about yoga.

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