Birthday book: special gift for your grandchildren!

Birthday book is perfect birthdaygift for grandparents to give to grandchildren. Good for birthday or anytime grandparentswant to give gifts. Children love this birthday gift. Grandparents make a sort of historyof child’s growing up with gift of  a birthday book from grandpa and grandma. Makesgrandkids feel very special.


My House Holidays in My Family
Holidays at School
Special Day
Hey, Kid Wanna Buy Some Magic?
My Favorites
More Favorites

Grandkids make the best names!
Are you "Gramps" or "Granny?"
Are you "PawPaw" or "MeMaw?"
Are you "Nana" or "Nini?"
Or just plain old Grandpa?
All names of love from our  special little people!

Instructions for a very special giftfor a very special grandchild.
A Momento for a Lifetime!

Choose, print, and trim pages for a birthdaybook for your grandchild. Insert pages in album. Add pictures of grandchild and importantparts of his/her life in the last year. Help a young child fill in the blanks. Coloredpaper is nice for printed pages. I got this idea from a friend and do it each year for mygrandchildren. They love it!

Bookmark and come back for each grandchild.

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