What Happens after Matchmaker Training

Matchmaker Training 

Business Opportunity

After Training: What’s Next? 

You as a 
Personal and Old-Fashioned

The Education 
you need to start a
Matchmaking Business.

You will leave Dallas-Fort Worth with the knowledge to start a matchmaking company in as little as seven-to-ten days. 

You will need to locate a very small interview space, acquire the permits necessary for your area, get a business or cell phone, set up your computer (computer can wait for a couple of months), and open your doors for business.

As soon as the above is completed, you will be included in the network and an email will go out to a list of singles in your area announcing your arrival on the singles scene!!. 

As your business grows, it will take on your personality. The business growth will rest on your abilities. However, the DFW matchmaker will be available on a limited basis to answer questions as they arise.


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