Benefits of Matchmaker Training, Education, Business Opportunity Matchmaker Training

Business Opportunity

Business/Personal Benefits to You

You as aPersonal and Old-Fashioned MatchMaker

The Education you need to start a Matchmaking Business. Your own company Financial and emotional benefits of being self-employed are numerous.

Not a franchise No franchise to buy or franchise fees to pay.

Inexpensive to start We train you to start your matchmaking business on a tight budget.

Quick to start With our help, you can start this business quickly.

Can be a part-time job This business can be a part-time job for you with full-time income and free time to live your life. The business can even be started while you work at another job.

Can be a full-time job You can operate this business as a full-time job, expanding it into nearby areas. The choice is yours.

Can be operated by you only You do not need employees or sales people to operate a matchmaking business.

Not greatly affected by the economy Singles always seek love and a partner to share their life.

Your business will be part of a network As long as you adhere to the philosophy of business set forth in your training, you can be part of a matchmaking network for referrals and business advice–if you so choose. A Dream Benefits to You Contact Expectations/Training Ideal Startup More Information Necessities Potential Income Time Necessary Training Process What’s Next?


Matchmaking is rewarding There are many personal rewards in matchmaking, not the least of which is seeing happy couples you matched walk down the aisle.This is a happy job.

Again, this is not a franchise You run your business as you wish, setting your own membership fees, and giving the business your unique personality.

Training makes it easier for you Matchmaking and business training make it much easier for you to start your business and avoid the pitfalls a new business encounters. We are sharing our experience and expertise with you–experience and expertise gained from being in this business since 1994 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

You will not get rich Personal matchmaking provides you with a nice income. However, you will not get rich and this is NOT a get-rich quick business opportunity!!.

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