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Business Opportunity

The Dream of a Matchmaker

You as aPersonal, Old-Fashioned MatchMaker

The Education you need to start a Matchmaking Business.

I am the matchmaker and part owner of a matchmaking service in Dallas-FortWorth, Texas (DFW). We have a website that explains our company, its philosophy, andits policies quite well: See ConnectionsMatchmakers Plus.

Every few days someone calls our service and asks ifI canrecommend a matchmaker in their area. I can’t, but along the way I have heardmany horror stories from singles who have joined matchmaking services underextreme sales pressure, paying ridiculous prices, and/or hearing exorbitant promises. When the promisesdid not materialize, these singles were verydisappointed and many were quite angry.

In all cases, I give singles advice on finding a competent and fair localmatchmaker. However, in most areas there is no matchmaker who fits the categories Ioutline.

My partner and I were both self-employed for many years in other businesses. We startedour company in 1993 on a very small budget. And… we started almost overnight.Within a week of the time we decided to start this business, we wereopen and taking single customers.

We know how to start andoperate a business without investing mega dollars. We know how to purchaseadvertising andget free publicity. In short, we know how to run a profitable company withoutsales people or high expenses. Consequently, we can charge singles a fairprice for personal matchmaking while still making a profit.

Most people who enter the matchmaking business do not have that knowledge.They buy a franchise or an established company for high dollars.

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When someone paysmega dollars for a company or franchise, they have a sizable investment torecoup; they must charge members megabucks to recoup their investment. If theyare also paying franchise fees, sales commissions, and national advertisingfees, the dollars they must charge members keepgoing up.

Often their disgruntled customers call our company and ask, "Why do matchmaking and dating services charge so much?" It is not an easy question to answer.

One day while talking to a very discouraged single from another area, alight bulb suddenly went off.

Why not train people to be matchmakers whileshowing them how to operate a matchmaking business?

Why not set up a network of personal matchmakers who are competent, affordable, and dedicated?

That was the beginning of adream for me.

Although matchmaking is not an exact science, it is something that can belearned with a good teacher and experience. When I started as a matchmaker,I had excellent training available from a matchmaker who has since retired. Shegave me that training so I could help her in her business. I was very lucky tohave that training because I might have purchased a franchise or an existing business to acquire it.

Now I want to train others and build a net work of competent matchmakers who run a profitable business without charging singles exorbitant prices.

Come share my dream and be the personal matchmaker for singles in your area.


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