Time Necessary to Operate Matchmaker Business

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Business Opportunity

Time Needed for Your Business

You as a 
Personal and Old-Fashioned

The Education
you need to start a
Matchmaking Business.


This can be a full-time job. You can sit around an office all day, waiting for clients to call in.

It can also be a part-time job with full-time income.

You need time to:

1. Interview 

  • Many singles prefer/need to interview after work
  • Some will interview during lunch hour
  • Few will interview during business hours
  • All interviews can be after work and/or week-end

2. Match

  • Match new customers as they join
  •   Match all others once a month

3. Prospect

  • Talk to potential new customers who call you.
  • Stay current with the singles world in your area.

4. Take Care of Business

  • Chores like computer entry, banking, and bookkeeping, most of which can be done at your convenience or easily done by an employee or a bookkeeping service.


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