Matchmaker Education: The Actual Training Process

Matchmaker Training

Business Opportunity

The Actual Training Process

You as a 
Personal and Old-Fashioned

The Education
you need to start a
Matchmaking Business.


You are here to learn:

1. How to be a matchmaker.

2. How to  launch a matchmaking business.

3. How to make that business profitable.

You will be in Dallas-Fort Worth for two demanding working days. During that time we cover:

1. How to interview singles for your matchmaking service, including role play.

2. Which singles to take in your service and which ones to refuse.

3. How to charge for your services.

4. How to match.

5. The business details of your company.

6. How to prospect.

Training will be intensive with "homework" at night. 

There will be no time for sightseeing or relaxing meals in DFW , so we advise that you do not make these two days a vacation time for you or your family. Plan to stay a couple of days longer if a visit is planned.


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