Ideals Needed for Start-Up Matchmaker Business

Matchmaker Training

Business Opportunity

What You Will Need to Start
The Ideal Start-Up

You as a 
Personal and Old-Fashioned

The Education
you need to start a
Matchmaking Business.

 Office Space:
1. Small space for Interviews

  • Should be a convenient location for your market
  • Should not  be located in your home 

2. Small space for office

  • Can be in or out of your home.
  • Can be combined with interview space.
Start-Up Business Expenses
1. Business telephone line 

  • Should include one free listing in the local yellow pages
  • Cell phone can take the place of a business line.

2  Small advertising budget 

  • Part of your training will be to optimize prospecting without large advertising expenses
  • 3. Business cards and interview forms

        Business cards and interview forms can be printed from your computer

        Interview forms can be copied without a computer using the forms we supply and a copy machine.

    4. Business checking account

    5. Permits 

    • Filing a DBA is often sufficient.
    • Permits needed in your area. We will not be familiar with your state or city necessities so you will either have to call local authorities to find out or hire a professional in your area to give you this information. 


    • Computer with printer
    • Access 97/higher
    • Microsoft Word 2000/higher
    • FrontPage 2000/higher

    Basic Computer Know-How

    • Matchmaker training does not include basic computer training. 

    Other expenses such as a cell phone, a bookkeeping program, an accountant, etc. make life convenient. 

    What are the bare minimums you need to start? Move forward to find out. 


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