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Blended Extended and Birth Family Greatly Child’s Destiny.

Blended Family: Our most important intimate relationships come from our families, long-term relationships, and marriages. We are affected by our intimate family relationships, parents, extended famiys, birth family, blended family, divorces, deaths, and births of other children.

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Blended Family

Family: Blended Family, Extended Family, and Birth Family.

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Blended Family, Extended Family, and Birth Family greatly determine our destiny in life. Six factors are near certainties about families and destinies in life: 1. The most intimate relationships we ever have in our lives come from our families–the one wegrew up in (birth, blended, and/or extended) and the one(s) we form through marriage and/or long-term relationships. 2. There is no greater influence on a young child growing up than his/her family. Certainly children are influenced by teachers, sports, Scouts, their peer group, school, neighborhood, and the like. But the real influence in any child’s life comes from home. 3. The relationship between children and theirparents is fluid, dynamic, and all-important and influences that child for life.. 4. Every time another child is born, the entire family environment changes. How parentsinteract with a child as he/she is born into the family circle determines a great part of that child’s final destiny. 5. Divorce and/or the death of a parent is a major change and a major influence on a child and his/her family. 6. If there is a blended family in the family tree, as there are in most families, it willdetermine at least part of a child’s ultimate destiny in life.

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