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Blended Families and Stepfathers in 21st Century.

Blended Family: Stepfathers are a fact of life in America today. How men handle their new role as stepfathers affects the blended family.

Blended Family

Stepfather: A Fact of Life in 21st Century!

Chris Wilson

Blended Family: Many men have trouble making the transition to stepdad in the blended family. Stepfathers who are most successful make no real attempt to control the child’s behavior or become the disciplinarian in the family.

Since over 50% of mothers are still awarded physical custody of their children, men assume the live-in stepparent role in the majority of cases.

How men handle their new role as stepfathers affects many people and situations:

  • Their happiness in the new marriage.

  • Their partners’ satisfaction in the new marriage.

  • Their new stepfamily.

  • The lives of their new stepchildren.

  • The lives of their biological children, if any.

Even the life of an ex-wife is affected by the man’s role as stepfather.

Quite a responsibility for one guy!

Many men have trouble making the transition to stepdad.

Some try too much too quickly; others try and are rebuked, and retreat into a shell. Still other remain relatively disengaged from the stepchildren.

The optimum stepparent is warm and responsive, while communicating well and generating firm, consistent discipline.

The arrival of a stepfather in any family is almost guaranteed to create tensions in the new stepfamily.

Gradually building a relationship with stepchildren, especially those over four or five years of age, is the best way to succeed.

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How men handle their new role as stepfathers affects many people and situations.

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Tread softly and carry no stick is the order of the day here.

Stepfathers who were successful made no real attempt to control the child’s behavior or become the disciplinarian in the family.

The successful stepfather, in most instances, first worked at cementing a positive relationship with the children’s mother while supporting her in her parenting.

Of course, the children themselves, their ages, their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses also contribute to the outcome of the stepfamily. As does the mother herself.

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