Timeout Blended Family Discipline

Timeout Discipline for the Blended FamilyTime-out defined and time-outs as discipline for children.

Blended families find timeout to be both effective and fair as a discipline form for the stepfamily.

Blended Family

Timeout Discipline for the Blended Family

By Jan Wilson

Blended Family: Try timeout as a very effective and fair form of discipline.

Time-Out as a Discipline.

Time-out is easy to understand in sports–it is a brief interruption of the action.

In discipline, it is a brief (you hope) interruption of your child’s disruptive behavior.

If your child is very angry or actually having a tantrum, time-outs can be a very effective form of discipline.

Time-out is a loss-of-privilege penalty.

It is used to stop behaviors, not start behaviors.

It works because it takes the child away from the action, attention, or toy rather than taking the attention, action or toy away from the child.

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Time-out is used to stop a negative behavior by removing your child from the area of trouble, then placing the child in an isolated area.

This is effective because it immediately stops the disruptive behavior.

It is unpleasant for the child because it takes away his/her freedom to play and interact with friends and family.

And it is safe because it serves as a cooling-off time for both the parent and the child.

Time-outs can be very effective and powerful motivatorsfor disciplining children, but they must be used correctly and consistently if they are to work.

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