Breastfeeding Pure and Simple, Book Review.

Breast feeding books.If you only buy one book for breastfeeding reference, this is the one! The roles in breastfeeding andnursing babies and infants from A to Z.

Breastfeeding Pure &Simple by Gwen Gotsch.

Book review by Pam Gordon

Starting with the words, "Mothers agree; it’s worth it," Gwen Gotsch takes breast feeding from why mother’s breastfeed, through all the stages of breast feeding an infant and toddler, right through weaning.

The best thing about this book is that is thorough. It takes new moms and soon-to-be moms from A to Z in breast feeding.

The second best thing about this book is that it is well-illustrated. With simple black-and-white photographs, this book illustrates everything from latching on and sucking to breastfeeding while lying down. No sketchy drawings here!

The third best thing about this book is that it is short. While containing everything moms and family members need to know about breast feeding, it can still be read in an afternoon or two by a busy and very sleepy mom. Only 108 pages, it is also large type. Even Grandma can see this one!

The fifth best thing is the resource section in the back. From pamphlets from La Leche to clothes for breastfeeding, from pregnancy to breast pumps, this resource section is good.

And last but not least, the book is upbeat and encouraging. From starting to breastfeed, to dealing with criticism, to working moms, to solving problems, this book presents nursing a baby as a positive experience for all concerned.

Six reasons for CyberParent to say this superb reference book is probably the best one for new mothers, making it an excellent new-mom gift.

The book was published by La Leche League International following their commitment to helping breastfeeding women everywhere.

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The second best thing about this book is that it is well-illustrated.

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