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Review of The Friendship Factor.

This book stressesadult stepfamilies which can be out-and-out war.

Step Wars: Overcoming the Perils and Making Peace in Adult Stepfamilies

by Grace Gabe, MD Jean Lipman-Blumen, PhD

Most stepparenting books are written about families with young and teen-aged children. This book stresses adult stepfamilies which can be out-and-out war.

Few marriage-committed parents of grown children are prepared for the avalanche of feelings that blanket their adult children when their offspring learn their parent is getting remarried–feelings that can escalate into war!

The authors (Grace Gabe, M.D., a neurologist and psychiatrist who has treated stepfamilies for over twenty years and Jean Lipman-Bluman, Ph.D., a professor at Claremont Graduate University in California) use case studies from a variety of perspectives to present experiences from real life and realistic solutions.

This book answers some of the thorny questions that face middle-aged and senior stepcouples, such as:

Who will inherit whose property?
What happens when illness strikes?
How are grandchildren treated?
Who comes where on what holiday?

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