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Review of The Friendship Factor.

Stepparenting with humor, patience, and thewillingness to try the new and different.

Book Review by Jan Wilson

Step Wise A Guide To Family Mergers

by James Dale & Alex Schapiro

The authors present successful  stepparenting  as being a good parent who isn’t so uptight, who maintains a sense of humor, and who is willing to try some new things.

The authors compare stepparenting to coming into a movie that has started, then not wanting to ask dumb questions about what’s happening.

It’s hard to know exactly how to handle the uncomfortable, unpredictable, and sometimes seemingly unmanageable situations that stepparents deal with day by day. 

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Coauthors James Dale and his stepdaughter, Alex Schapiro approach the problems of stepfamilies with humor–a must for both stepparents and stepchildren. 

They present humorous ideas as ways to connect with your kid. It’s really about being a good parent who isn’t so uptight.

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And it is also about being a parent who is not set in his/her ways. Try something new–see a kids’ movie, listen to some "bad" music, or praise some body art.  You might even learn to appreciate those movies, music, or body art while getting closer to your stepkids.
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