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Book reviews about abuse.

Book reviews about abuse: physical abuse, emotional or verbalabuse, and sexual abuse.

Book Reviews

Book reviews about abuse: physical abuse, emotional or verbal abuse, and sexual abuse.

Verbal Abuse Survivors speak out on relationships and recovery by Patricia Evans

Patricia Evans has worked extensively in counseling and recovery with battered women. After her first book on verbal abuse was published, she received hundreds of letters from verbal abuse survivors from around the world. Those letters form the basis of this book.

Although 99% of these letters were from heterosexual women, the book can be adapted to others, even a child, can relate to the women in this book.

The book also give the results of a survey on the verbally abusive relationship and answers such questions as, "What are the most commonly experienced categories of verbal abuse."

An excellent companion to Evans book The Verbally Abusive Relationship but The Verbally Abusive Relationship should be read first.

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