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This program should work for anyone whowants to feel younger next year than they do this year 

Book Review by Pam Gordon

Younger Next Year: A Guide to Living Like 50 Until You’re 80 and Beyond 

by Chris Crowley and 
Henry S. Lodge, MD

 Although the book is written for men, the principles apply equally to females. The program sends you backwards to health rather than forward to aches, pains, and prescription drugs.  Written with humor and simplicity, it is both a book to own and a book to give. 

I heard a person say one time that vegetarians live long and die short. Living long and dying short is the general message of these authors, a medical doctor who specializes in internal medicine & preventive healthcare and his patient, a 70-year-old retiree. 

One of the best points made in the book is that we should eat for nutrition, not for our food preferences or because we have the means to stuff our belly.  Eating your veggies whether you like them or not and pushing the table away before you are gorged are simple rules that are steeped in common sense. 

In fact, the entire book is common sense presented with humor and evolutionary principles with a little science thrown in for good measure.  The message is simple:

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1. Exercise for 45 minutes six times weekly, both aerobic exercise and strength training. 

2. Eat for nutrition, not for all the other reasons that people eat such as comfort, boredom, or easily available food.

3. Eat many fruits and vegetables.

4. Care for and commit to a wide circle of friends and other relationships.

5. Use your relationships to develop a support system.

6. Have a passion in life, a hobby, a reason to get up in the morning.

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This program should work for anyone who wants to feel younger next year than they do this year and who decides to follow the relatively simple guidelines. Although the book is written for men, the principles apply equally to females. 

Superior penmanship and a broad sense of humor make this book an easy and delightful read. 

A good book to own; a good book to give!

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