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Review: Baby See ‘n Sign: Baby Sign Language Video.

Baby Sign Language:Excellent forteaching babies and toddlers American Sign Language.

Baby See ‘N Sign Volume I

Baby Sign Language: Teach your infant or toddler 60 signs with this video.

This video teaches 60 signs in the all-important American Sign Language. It is a good teaching resource for hearing, hearing-impaired, or special needs children and their parents and other caregivers. The pace is slow; the signs are clear and very easy to understand and duplicate. Each sign is shown three times in a row (once in slow motion) so the repetition is perfect for a good visual representation of each sign.

It is not an entertainment video but it offers an excellent visual advantage when you are learning, and then teaching, signs to your young child. That is probably why Baby See ‘n Sign was the winner of Parenting Magazine’s Best Video and DVD of the year award for 2002.

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This video is an excellent supplement to Joseph Garcia’s Sign With Your Baby video and book kit. I only suggest buying it after buying and using Sign With Your Baby for a few months.

Keep in mind the video is to teach you to sign more than it is to teach the child. You learn first, then teach the child by signing and repeating the spoken word (with examples when possible) throughout the day.

Although this video is not as entertaining as some sign language videos, that is an attribute. The utter simplicity and numerous repetitions help many parents and their children learn without confusion.

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The video is divided into sections with approximately 8 subject-related signs to the section. It facilitates learning to teach your toddler one section at a time. Repeat that section for 10-20 days while reinforcing the signs throughout the day. This avoids confusion and overload. Learning a few signs at a time also makes it easier to get other caregivers involved in the process of teaching sign language to your child.

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