Vhs Hottest Line Dances Short

Hottest Line Dances Country Fever USA by Ed and Sally Hottest Line DancesCountry Fever USA by Ed and Sally

There is no better way to meet singles than dancing. For those who do notdance, however, learning can be a problem. At times the best way to learn todance is at home with a video. If you live in a remote area, it may even be theonly feasible way to learn to dance. Even if you live in the middle of ametropolitan area, some prefer to learn the steps at home before even venturinginto the clubs for lessons.

With the Hottest Line Dances, your instructors will be Ed and Sally,former National Dance Champions. You will learn:

  • Cowboy Hustle
  • Country Jazz
  • Honky Tonk Attitude
  • Walkin’ Wazie
  • Tumbleweed.

Line dancing can also give you a fun aerobic workout athome.

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