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Passionate Marriage: Love, Sex, and Intimacy in Emotionally Committed Relationships

This book will improve the sexual andintimate relationship of a couple even when only one person reads it andimplements the concepts.

Passionate Marriage: Love, Sex, and Intimacy in Emotionally Committed Relationships

by David Schnarch, PhD

This book is for all persons who wish to improve the quality of their relationships, married or not. It is also for singles in anticipation of a future romance.

Six quick insights into this remarkable book:

1. It is written for couples whohave been together for several years, for couples who are marrying for thesecond time, and for any individual who seeks knowledge in improving arelationship, marriage, or other affiliation.

2. Although it is a book written for couples who are seeking to make acommitted relationship truly satisfying through sexual intimacy, it is alsoabout you and how you relate to others.

3. It is as much about intimacy as sex but the result is deeply intimateand fulfilling marital sex plus an improved relationship intellectually,emotionally, and spiritually.

4. Unfortunately, the book itself is poorly organized which can make slow reading inspots. Fortunately, the book is worth the trouble it takes to read it.

5. The sexual language is graphic so be prepared.

6. The content is superb. It inspires you to grow and change in your selfand your relationship, even if you are resistant to change.

The author points out that having marital problems is not a failure, butis an inevitability of being in this type of relationship. Schnarch also says the entire point of sexis an emotional and intimate connection that provides contact and facilitates growth ina relationship.

At the heart of Dr, Schnarch’s book is the concept of"differentiation" or emotional maturity. Self-differentiation” is aterm used to describe persons whose sense of worth is not dependent on externalrelationships or circumstances without a withdrawal of the self from themarriage or sexual relationship.

He makes the point that life is never safe or secure, particularlywhen we’re dependent on a reflected sense of self. When we don’t stop when we’re scared or uncomfortable,we grow by going into the unknown.

One suggestion to a couple: Acquire a copy for each of you, read itsimultaneously, and pause to discuss the concepts and your reactions as yougo.

However, the book will still improve the relationship even when only onepartner reads it and implements the concepts.

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