Book Stumbling Naked Dark

Stumbling Naked in the Dark Overcoming Mistakes Men Make With Women

Stumbling Naked in the Dark teaches men tobecome more attractive to women..

Book Review by Rob McLean

Stumbling Naked in the Dark Overcoming Mistakes Men Make With Women

by Bradley Fenton

Society sets men up to fail with many women. Felton sets men straight while giving them confidence in approaching women.

Author Bradley Fenton writes, "Tens of thousands of sharp and talented men are stumbling naked in the dark. It’s what I call men who are not getting their needs met."

Fenton clearly explains why our society, while teaching males to beaggressive problem solvers and winners, is setting men up to fail with manywomen. 

The book points out ways men can become more attractive to women by

  • Letting women make their own decisions.
  • Treating women with respect.
  • Caring for women’s welfare without controlling them.

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It gives men confidence to approach women by

  • Giving the reasons women say "no" in certain situations.
  • Showing men that women’s rejection of them is usually not the result of the men’s wrong doing.
  • Convincing men that it is OK to lose.
  • Taking the "game"  and "winning" out of meeting and dating.

This book has another positive aspect I appreciate: It focuses more on thesimilarities of men and women, rather than the differences. That alone will helpmany men "see the light" rather than stumbling naked in the dark.

Men learn to overcome the difficulties they frequently find in relationshipswhich Fenton calls 

  • Personal Warning Beliefs
  • Identity
  • Need for Approval
  • Tactile Needs and Energy.

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Realizing the book was written by a male, who seemed to understand women butmight not really get the whole picture, I asked four female co-workers orfriends to read Felton’s book.  They all basically agreed it was on target.One woman bought a copy for her bachelor brother.

Bottom Line: While there is no relationship and dating gospel, Felton’s workis definitely insightful and worth a guy’s time and money.

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