Parenting Boys to Become Healthy, Happy, Productive Men

Parenting Boys: How to raise a boy in today’s world. Parenting and rearing a confident boy into a healthy, happy, productive man. This web will address the subject of parenting boys.

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Boys: Raising a Confident Boy

Parenting Boys to Become Healthy, Happy, Productive Men Rearing a Boy to Manhood

Boys and the Career Message Our society often gives little boys a message. That message is thattheir career paths and their lifelines are locked together.Is this the right message to give a boy?

Boys and School Issues All boys want to succeed in school and get along with their classmates. If they are having problems in school or falling behind in their school work, they often act up or feign indifference to cover their failure.

The Joy of Reading for Boys A wonderful story, read to your boy, can fire his desire to read and even his drive to write!

Raising Boys and Gender Role MessagesFrom the time your son is born, you are giving him messages about what "little boys are made of." Your idea of the gender roles boys play in society will be imparted to your son. What messages are you giving your son?

Mentoring Boys Boys need mentors whether they are average, slow, or gifted, whether they are disabled or physically fit, whether they are sickly or perfectly healthy. You can be a mentor to a boy.

Boys, Temperament, and Character Every boy child is born with a core temperament and other inherited characteristics. His character has yet to be formed.

Camping with Boys The outdoors’ experience of camping can be invaluable to boys in teaching them about nature and even life itself.

Checklist for Camping with Boys It really helps a camping trip when all boys have the right gear and distinctive gear. This checklist helps even the most disorganized boy get it together.

Depression Symptoms in Boys While all boys experiencing family or personal problems exhibit some sadness and moodiness, those sad, helpless, or anxious feeling can also be depression. While depression in children can be hard to diagnose in its early stages, it is important to do so because once your son has experienced major depression, he is at risk of developing another depression in less than five years.

Disciplining Boys Timeout is a brief interruption of your son’s disruptive behavior. It is a loss-of-privilege penalty used to stop behaviors, not start them. Timeouts can be very effective and powerful motivatorsfor disciplining boys, but they must be used correctly and consistently if they are to work.

Boys and Mental Illness One mother’s story of her son and mental illness and her recommendations for help.

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