Boys Ready Bed

Boys and Ready Beds.

Grandparents’ answer to where grandkids cansleep. Excellent travel bed for grandkids.

Child Development from Worlds Apart Limited: Review from CyberParent

Ready Bed

Ready Bed is the answer to grandkids coming to grandma’s house,traveling or camping with grandkids, and reluctant nappers, as well as a perfectgift for the grandchild’s own home.

Ready Bed:

  • Sleeping bag and air mattress in one.
  • Sleeping bag is soft fleece.
  • Sleeping bag is machine washable.
  • Features a larger pillow area.
  • Comes with its own pump.
  • Adorned with beloved characters.
  • Even suitable for teens.
  • Inflates in about four minutes.
  • Deflates easily.
  • Easy to store and carry.
  • Air mattress is sturdy and hard to puncture.

Kids love these and are immediately taken with them. Grandparents like the ease of set up and care plus the convenience of a travelbed or extra bed at home.

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The only real problem is picking out the character for the sleeping bag.The choices are quite numerous!

As wonderful as they are, there are a few precautions that should befollowed to get the best and safest use from Ready Bed.

Cleaning: Remove air mattress before drying. It is actually better tosponge off the air mattress when possible. All sleeping bags with polyesterfilling do better when air dried. Ready Bed is no exception.

Pumping: Do not over inflate the air mattress as it becomes too hard. Iteven becomes difficult to know where to put your head when it is over inflated.

Zipping: Don’t make your boy a "turtle in a shell." Do not zipall the way to the top so a younger child can turn over normally.

Puncture: Clean up sharp objects before putting Ready Bed on thefloor.If you do get a puncture, contact the manufacturer about areplacement.

Common sense says this is not a trampoline!

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These amazing sleeping bag/air mattress combinations make an excellent addition to grandma’s house,Aunt Lisa’s apartment, friend’s sleepovers, and family travel. They are also avery popular and well-received gift.

Although CyberParent reviewed similar products from other manufacturers, we only recommend the sleeping bags with inflatable mattresses made by Worlds Apart Limited at this time.

Larger illustrations here.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 3 years and up.

This product is useful for many years–even into the teen years.

WARNING:Keep away from fire. Do not place near fires or other sources of heat such as radiators, open or electric fires. Adult inflation/deflation required. This is not an aquatic toy. Do not use in water.

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