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Boys: A Boy and His Temperament

Boys, Temperament, and Character: Every boy child is born with a core temperament and other inherited characteristics. His character has yet to be formed.

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Boys: Raising Confident Boys

Boys and Temperament Parenting Boys to Manhood

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Boys:His temperament begins at birth to reactwith the environment and withthe temperament of others –even his parents.

Every boy is born with a core temperament and other inheritedcharacteristics, but his character has yet to be formed.

Stella Chess and Alexander Thomas, two child psychiatrists who made significantcontributions to the understanding of human individuality, concluded thattemperament has nine irreducible components. From birth his temperament begins to reactwith the temperament of others (even parents) and also with the environment.

Eli Newberger, M.D., and author of Shaping the Character of Boys hasadapted that list of temperaments to those of boys.

1. Activity Level. How intense is his activity, and what is theproportion of active to inactive periods in his day?

2. Regularity. How predictable or unpredictable is he in the timing ofbasic biological functions such as eating or sleeping?

3. Approach or Withdrawal. How does he react initially to newsituations?

4. Adaptability. How does he respond over time to new or alteredsituations?

5. Sensory Threshold. How much stimulus does he need before heresponds?

6. Mood. How pleasant and friendly, or unfriendly, is he?

7. Intensity of Reaction. How energetic is his response, positively ornegatively?

Raising confident boys and parenting boys to become happy, healthy men.

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8. Distractibility. How easily does a new stimulus interfere withongoing activity?

9. Persistence and Attention Span. Does he continue activities in theface of obstacles? How long will he pursue an activity before abandoning it?

Newbarger writes, "Temperament and character each affect the other.Temperament influences how receptive the child will be to life experiences and how lifeexperiences will be absorbed by the child. Character, as it develops over the years,becomes a resource for shaping the part of temperament that is malleable."

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