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Boys: Checklist for Camping with a Boy

Checklist for Camping with Boys: It really helps a camping trip when all boys have the right gear and distinctive gear. This checklist helps even the most disorganized boy get it together.

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Boys: Raising Confident Boys

Checklist for Camping with Boys: Parenting Boys to Manhood

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Raising Boys:A checklist for each boy makes a camping trip go smoothly. Suggested check list for camping with boys.

Having the right gear makes any camping trip go more smoothly for your boy and for you.

Using a checklist for the trip enables each child to get his own gear together, although it is a good idea to check it off with him before the trip.

It really helps when all boys have distinctive gear from their toothbrush to their towels to their sleeping bag to their eating utensils.

Personal Items: Distinctive Towels Distinctive Washrags Drawstring Dirty Clothes Bag Distinctive Personal Zippered Kit

Kit should contain: Toothbrush Toothpaste Comb Brush Shampoo Sunscreen Soap in Soap Dish Insect Repellent

Optional: Games/Cards Canteen Sports Bottle Swim Suit Camera/Film Mesh Bag for drying dishes Clothespins Beach towel Rafts and Water Toys Books/Magazines Life Jacket

Eating: Distinctive Mug Distinctive Bowl Distinctive Plate Distinctive Silverware

Clothing: Socks Shoes Underwear Long pants Short pants Long-sleeved shirts Short-sleeved shirts Hat Gloves/Mittens Jackets/Sweaters Heavy Coat Rain Gear Pajamas

Raising confident boys and parenting boys to become happy, healthy men.

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Nighttime: Distinctive Flashlight Extra Batteries Sleeping Bag Pillow Blanket Sheets Pillowcases Foam Mat/Air Mattress Sleeping Comforts

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