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I could probably write an encyclopedia of pregnancy questions and answers. Although the process of carrying and delivering a child is commonplace and ingrained in our existence, the entire ordeal can seem like a mystery to some. Here I’ve chosen 5 common questions that most women have about pregnancy: Can you get pregnant on your […]


You are probably familiar with the term “common-law”, but do you know what this term really means, or, more specifically, how you and your partner would even become a common-law couple? What Is Common-Law? “Common-law” is a term which refers to a couple that lives together, either with or without children, but that are not […]


In 2014, 167 000 children were injured in vehicular accidents and more than 1000 of them died. In fact, car accidents are the number one cause of death in children. However, correct installation of car seats can reduce the chance of fatality by 50% for infant seats and 70% for convertible seats. Take the time […]

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