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Recent Posts

As an Autism Support Worker, I was fortunate to work side-by-side with an amazing team of Occupational Therapists. These professionals are trained in helping children, and adults, develop and strengthen the movements of the body. These body movements are broken down into 2 categories: gross motor skills and fine motor skills. While most children…


Long gone are the days of “It’s a boy!” cigars. Parents-to-be are surrounding the gender of their unborn baby in mystery and excitement by planning Gender Reveal Parties. These parties are much like baby showers except the focus is on revealing to friends and family whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Instead […]


We all have fond memories of dipping our hands into our grandmother’s cookie jar, perhaps by permission but usually when her back was turned. As a child, there is nothing stopping you from indulging on sweet treats – back then we didn’t pay much attention to things like “healthy eating” or “natural…

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