Choosing a Matchmaker or Matchmaking Service.

Matchmaking: PersonalYour PersonalMatchmakerTwelve Attributes for Choosing a Good Matchmaking ServiceBy DH Owens

1.The same person interviews and matches the entire membership. In a matchmakingservice, this is of prime importance.

Howcan someone who does not know you even begin to match you with another person?They can’t. No one can match you successfully who has not interviewed you. Noone can match your potential partner without knowing him/her. A matchmaker mustknow all members to do a good job.

Consequently,a good matchmaking service will probably be a small company rather than a largecompany or a franchise operation.

2.1.Published prices in all but the smallest advertisements. If prices are notpublished, look for a company that will give prices willingly over the phone. If you areunable to get prices by phone, or told such things as "it depends" orprices vary," prepare yourself for some extreme sales pressure andhigh prices. It is likely to happen.

3.A company without large numbers of employees. Commissions or salaries paid toemployees are passed along to you. A small matchmaking firm can be handledby one or two employees other than the matchmaker. When you walk into a firm andsee multiple employees, be sure you will be paying their salary in yourmembership fee.

4.A company without telemarketers. Think about it: if you are contacted by atelemarketer, who will pay that fee or commission? The person who joins thatservice, of course. Who will pay the telemarketer to call thousands of peoplewho do not join the service? Again, the person who joins the service will pay afee that includes a built-in payment for the telemarketer.

5.A company without an extensive campaign to recruit members by postalmailings. Many large and expensive firms use a mailing campaign to recruitsmembers. It is usually sent to everyone in a particular zip code. Bulk rate mailcosts money. You will pay for that campaign in your membership fee.

6.A service that does NOT sell (or even offer) long-term memberships. Think about it… do you want to date someone who has been in the service for two years orlonger?

7.A membership with a majority of members who are people like you. Birds of yourfeather so to speak.

8. A membership kept balanced for age and gender.

Populationof Singles:Age: There are more singles in their 20s than 30s; more in their 30s than40s, more in their 40s than 50s.

Gender:There are more single men in their 20s than singles women. By late 30s, this isabout even. Then, gradually, there are more single women than men in thesingles’ population.

Themembership of most singles services mirrors the population. Keeping thatmembership balanced may require offering special prices or incentives to acertain age group or gender. This is a good thing.

9.A matchmaker with good training and/or experience.

10.A company that allows your membership to be put inactive. When you meet apotentially special person, you will want to go inactive while exploring therelationship. Ask if the company has an inactive feature. You don’t want to beforced to take your membership in consecutive months or periods of time.

11.A service which does not require you to keep coming back in the office–unless you have lots of time to spare!

12.Last, but certainly not least, a matchmaker who makes you feel comfortable!!

Goodluck in your quest for a life of love with a special person!Compare matchmaking services with dating services.Matchmaker in Dallas-Fort WorthareaMatchmaker in Southeast Floridaarea

Understandthe difference between and matchmaking service and a dating service

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