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What is CyberParent?
CyberParent is a collection of magazines on different subjects covering everyday life in a family and promoting sustainable lifestyles for the future. New content is added and older content is updated and expanded frequently. At the end of most pages you will find a list of books or visuals for further information on that particular web’s subject. Many are classics in their field. When possible, publications are chosen which explore differing views. All are reviewed and recommended by CyberParent. 

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DFW & North Central Texas

Green Building is all the rage now that utility bills are hitting all-time highs. Find out what you should, and should not, spend your money for in the green building arena.

Renewable Energy for your home or business.

“Warshing” Clothes A bit of history for “women’s work.” And it certainly was work.

Senior Cohousing is the answer to many of the problems retiree’s face. Is it for you?

Green Remodeling Part of being green is renovating homes and buildings we have now. Find out how to remodel green while really getting an energy-efficient product. No green washing here.

Love and Marriage: Can Romance Last Forever? In one author’s opinion, yes!  Romance can last forever in any relationship. 

Eating Meals Together is important to all children, but it is particularly important to teens. How to make meals fun, interesting, and even educational. 

Organic Gardening It is time again to  bring the health of organic to your food, flowers, lawn, and home gardens. How-to garden organically and recommended products to make it easier.

Walking for Love: Walking with groups, single or otherwise, is a good way to meet singles to date.

Green Homes Buying, selling, and furnishing your green home.

DFW and North Central Texas is a new website for this local area and its families and economy. Economists ?found that $100 spent at Borders would circulate $13 in the Austin, Texas economy, while $100 spent at the two local bookstores would circulate $45. This $45 translates to three times the jobs, the earnings, and the taxes collected.”

When Can Abuse Become Murder? In the United States  alone, four women are murdered each day by an intimate partner. The marriage phrase “until death do us part” can be real.  

Youth Is there anything we can do to look and feel younger? There are ten things in aweekly routine that will make us look and feel frisky again.

Baby Sign Language Signing lets your baby or toddler communicate needs to you long before he/she is mature enough to speak. It is easy to learn and teach. Here’s the scoop.

Fitness For those of you who think fitness starts and stops with exercise, you might to check out those other components of fitness. And for those of you, who don’t exercise, well, you might consider coming here, too. 

Walking All the reasons to add walking to your life.

Mental Illness A mother tells her story of her son’s mental illness and her recommendations for help.

Grandparenting Web We think “Grandparent” is another name for love.

More about Friends: What is friendship? Friendship is an in-depth relationship. Friendship is comfortable and relaxed. Friendship requires meeting the needs of both friends.

New Stepparent: Now What? So cometh the soon-to-be new stepparent! The most important part of becoming a stepparent is the prior planning you and the biological parent undertake before the wedding.

Time-Out Discipline: Timeouts can effectively stop behaviors that are especially hard to discipline. It can also serve as disciplinary action for a particularly aggressive or impulsive kid! 

Kids Games Free games to print out and play plus reviews and recommendations  of commercial board games for toddlers to adults. 

Kids Toys Reviews and recommendations of toys and games for kids ages 2 – 6.

Trigger Point Therapy Have an ache or a pain? It may be referred pain–pain that is originating in another place of your body. If so, you are treating the wrong pain. Check it out.

Holistic Health This storehouse of alternative medicine information will help you decide if the holistic way is the right way for your family to stay healthy. 

Vegetarian Teen More and more teens are adopting the vegetarian lifestyle. Coping for a vegetarian teen in a meat eaters world! A series.

Crying It Out How do babies get their needs met? They cry. What can you do to stop the crying and meet their needs? 

Women A web centered on women and women’s issues.

Men A web centered on men and men’s issues. 

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