Choosing Correct Agent to Help You Find Green Home.

Choosing a"Green" Real Estate Agent

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When choosing a real estate agent, you are looking for a person who fits your personality as well as one who is qualified to handle the complicated transactions of a property sale. When you want to buy a green home, you have added another card to the game.

It helps immensely to find an agent who has a respect for energy-efficiency and the environment. The ideal agent would also be at least somewhat cognizant of what makes a home green.

See how each agent reacts to the following statements or questions:

What do you know aboutrenovating property to be green and energy-efficient?

Before I look at a property, Iwould like to see 12 months of utility bills for that home.

I would like to have all southand west windows shaded by trees or porches.

Do you have any homes offeringrain water harvesting?

I want to have the property topass an energy inspection before I close.

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