Humans Cause Animal Extinctions

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Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral TexasHumans Cause Animal ExtinctionsThen it costs humans $$$ and health

The five-decade survey of the extinction status of 25,780vertebrate species, roughly half of all backboned animals, was released by thejournal Science. Led by Michael Hoffmann of the United NationsEnvironment Programme, the results find that almost one-fifth of those speciesare threatened with extinction. Another 52 vertebrate species move closer toextinction in a typical year.

Dr. Stuart Pimm holds the Doris Duke professorship of Conservation Ecology at DukeUniversity. He won the Heineken Prize for Environmental Sciences, the Nobel of the ecology world.His Food Webs (who eats whom and why) remains the clearestintroduction to the study of food webs and that understanding is crucial for anystudy of how an ecosystem works.

Dr Pimms once told the New York Times, “One of the things we know is that many endangered animals live over large areas. But their populations become fragmented because of farming and development. The remaining creatures can’t find a date on a Saturday night."

This extinction process can be laid squarely at the feetof humans for reasons such as overfishing, overlogging, and expansion ofagricultural land, particularly for food animals.

OUR sustainable eating and sustainable living can helpstop extinction of animals. And even if some don’t care about the animals for theanimals themselves, economists estimate that biodiversity brings about $33 trillion in annual benefits worldwide to humanity, notes study co-author StuartButchart,through cleaner water, pest consumption and other environmental benefits.Sources: Science; USA Today; NY Times; University ofChicago

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