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It takes roughly one-third of a pound of chemicals (pesticidesand fertilizers) to grow enough cotton for just one T-shirt, which is why it isimportant to consider organic cotton and other organic fibers.

The fashion industry is beginning to take notice of ourenvironmental worries with cotton. They are incorporating organic materials intotheir designs. Materials like hemp are also being used. but organic cotton is thechosen fabric of many green clothing designers.

Also consider buying 100% cotton bedding. In addition to thepotential of alleviating allergies, you will be eliminating more chemicalsin the world.

According to the Organic Trade Association (OTA) the U.S. istaking the lead in growing organic cotton and Texas has seen a big increase inorganic cotton growing.

Regardless of its organic status, however, cotton farming is agreat consumer of water. It should only be grown where that water can come fromrain.

Analysis of available data collectedby an OTA survey of U.S. organic cotton producers and preliminary data from theTexas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative (TOCMC) put planted area at 10,731acres in 2009, up from an estimated 8,539 acres in 2008. The 2009 plantings arethe highest since 2001, when 11,586 acres were planted by U.S. cotton growers.And growing!

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