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Uses for Cotton 100% Cotton Clothing Organic Compost Composting Clothes Wearing Appearal Green Dress Scheme Dallas-Fort Worth DFW North Central Texas North Texas

Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral TexasUses for Organic Cotton What We Wear Truly Mattersin the Green Scheme of DFW

According to the Organic TradeAssociation (OTA), "… organic cotton fiber is used in everything frompersonal care items (sanitary products, make-up removal pads, cotton puffs andear swabs), to home furnishings (towels, bathrobes, sheets, blankets, bedding),children’s products (toys, diapers), clothes of all kinds and styles (whetherfor lounging, sports or the workplace), and even stationery and note cards."In addition, organic cottonseed is used for animal feed, and organiccottonseed oil is used in a variety of food products, including cookies andchips."

Compost Cotton

The good thing about 100% cotton clothing, organic or not,is that it can be composted. When we cut it up, it will compost more quickly ofcourse.

Now we all know how to recycle 100% cotton clothing that is nolonger wearable.

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