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Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral TexasBenefits of an EcovillageWhy live in an Ecovillage? Many are the reasons!

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Economic–Makes it possible to buy a larger tract of land which is generally cheaper than a smaller tract of land. Incorporates economy of scale in many aspects of the ecovillage.

Opportunities for SocialInteraction–Provides more with such things as ecovillageshared ball games, dining events, movie nights, talent shows.

Social support–Providesemotional support and a sense of unity and belonging plus emotional supportduring stressful times such as illness, family deaths, and childbirth and sharebest wishes for happy times rather than envy.

Shared Resources, LowerLiving Costs–Allows residents access to more facilities than theywould have in smaller ecohousing communities. Local food and other buying co-ops can beformed more easily and profitably. Larger group for car pooling with a greaterpossibility of a community van or even a community bus.

Children–Childrenhave more playmates. It is possible to have home schooling and baby-sittingco-ops. It is possible to have an on-site after-school and childcare facility.

Earth-Friendly–Thereare more opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle when working as an evenlarger group. Open spaces can be larger when spread over more residents.More alternative energy sources are affordable with larger groups.

Food–It is possible to have even morefood production in ecovillages with land set aside strictly for such things asnut trees, fruit orchards, greenhouse(s) and more. It is also possible to buy land across ordown the road in a rural setting for further farming or a fruit orchard. And itis easier to cover several farmer’s markets on Saturday or form a CSA withseveral farmer or homesteaders contributing produce or prepared foods.


We have events every month or more often. You can find ourevents at no, you do not need to be a member of Facebook to look at theseevents.

Skill Building Classes. We havelost many of the skills that we need to prosper in energy descent. Others skillsare new with new technologies that will make what could be a trying time betterfor us all. Come learn. Come shareyour skills.

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