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An ecovillage community is forming just east of Greenvillein Hunt County. We are considering thename to be Wildflower Ecovillage, among others.

Although an intentional community is a strong purpose, we are also planning zero-energy homes, food/water security, and being part of a local community.

We grow all or most of our own food.Those who wish to earn some income from the land will also grow food to sell to others.

Land: We did buy 70 acres of land in December of 2013. The ecovillage is laid out following Permaculture principles and operated by the best Permaculture practices. We will start moving in summer of 2914. If youare interested in more information, contact Terry at nine seven two -252-onefive 32. 

Homes: Our homes are affordable, super energy efficient, passive solar, zero-energy with solar electricity, solar hot water, and rainwater harvesting. Everyone owns their own home.

Water: Texas water is scarce. We have three forms of water available: Extensive RainwaterHarvesting for home and irrigation use, well(s) from a clean, replenishing aquifer if needed for irrigation, and a pond for irrigation. In addition, we will use best Permaculture practices to retain water on the land which will probably be the most valuable form of water we have.

Community: This is a community with diversity of ages, races, and religions. There is no sharing of income per se, but those owners who wish to do so may work together to create and market a CSA or a farm co-op.

Farming: We farmorganically via Permaculture to grow produce andgrains. We also have fruit and nut trees within a food forest. Those who wish have chickens or other fowlfor eggs, manure, and pest control. There is no slaughter of chickensor other animals here as this is a compassionate community. 

Learning: During 2014 we will continue to acquire diverse knowledge as we always have–we will continue to learn, learn, learn and then learn some more. Look for classes andhands-on experience in topics such as organic farming, growing fruits andvegetables, preserving food, green building, Permaculture, solar hot water, solar electricity,drip irrigation, rain water harvesting and many homesteadingskills to assist all interested in intentionalcommunities and sustainability. See more about events here.


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We have events every month or more often. You can find ourevents at no, you do not need to be a member of Facebook to look at theseevents. 

Skill Building Classes. We havelost many of the skills that we need to prosper in energy descent. Others skillsare new with new technologies that will make what could be a trying time betterfor us all. Come learn. Come shareyour skills.

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