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People want community! We certainly do!

For mankind’s history, people have lived with supportive social structuresin communities close to nature. Many of these communities exist today. But in anurban area like Dallas-Fort Worth, most of us have lost community. And that istrue of most metropolitan areas–normally only communities of less than 3000people have real community.

Ecovillages are now being created intentionally withpeople once again living in earth-friendly communities that ensure thewell-being of all life-forms into the indefinite future.

The ecovillage network also started in Denmark in 1993 at thecountry manor of Meilgaard.

The different ecovillages of Denmark have been visiting and learning fromeach other. They have published a Danish ecovillage magazine LOSNET withthe assistance of public funding as well as funding from Gaia Trust.

One of the founders, Hildur Jackson wrote in 2004, "What stands outafter 10 years? To me it is the idea of developing a new culture, an ecovillageculture made up of free people."

In 1998, ecovillages were first officially named among the United Nations’top 100 listing of Best Practices, as excellent models of sustainable living.They are part of a growingglobal movement for a saner, more sustainable human lifestyle.


We have events every month or more often. You can find ourevents at no, you do not need to be a member of Facebook to look at theseevents.

Skill Building Classes. We havelost many of the skills that we need to prosper in energy descent. Others skillsare new with new technologies that will make what could be a trying time betterfor us all. Come learn. Come shareyour skills.

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