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Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral TexasDFW Homes, Electricity,Energy-Efficiency

TheTexas Department of Health Services estimates that 25.3 million people live inTexas in 2010.

TheDFW metropolitan area has 6.6 million people living in it; 26% of the people inthe state live here.

Wehave surpassed Houston in population and, unfortunately, in 2009 we surpassed Houston in air quality, too. We now have the dirtiest air in Texas.

Theproduction of electricity is one of the main reasons our air is dirty. Homes useelectricity at increasing rates, some of it due to operating computers,televisions, and refrigerators and some of it for heating all-electric homes andtheir water. Overall, though, more of our electricity use is fromair-conditioning.

Soburning fossil fuels, particularly coal, primarily for air-conditioning, heatingand water heating, adds to the pollution we have in DFW. Drilling for andproducing fossil fuels, particularly in this urban area, adds even morepollution to our air.

Energyconservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy in our North Texas homescould reverse that trend.

Thereare about 8.5 million existing homes in Texas.

Sincewe are 26% of the state population, it follows that we have 26% of its homes.That is 2.2 million existing homes.

Weneed to drastically cut electricity and fossil fuel usage in these homes, aswell as any new homes we build.

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