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Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral TexasFourth of July & Energy Freedom

The energy we all consume at home is one of the majorroadblocks to clean air and to a sustainable planet.

It’s also a big chunk of our paycheck.

It’sthe Fourth of July. Well, even if it is not the Fourth, think back to the lastone.

You’ve had time to get a summer electricity bill by now,haven’t you.


For most of us this is a shock. Not for me, though.I consider power usage merely a puzzle to be solved and that’s what I dofor a living.

Cutting your utility bills is worked on in big ways and smallways but bear in mind that saving money in one manner will free up some moneyfor another energy improvement–all the way down to the grand climax–solarpanels and complete energy freedom.

Energy freedom? Yes. After all, it is the Fourth of July–It’s Freedom Week-end. Remember: It makes as much sense to rent your energy froma power company as it does to rent your home from a landlord


To rent your car from Enterprise. It doesn’t make economicsense at all.

One important thing to think about when you start down theroad to energy freedom is the ratio of the cost of the improvement to the dollarsavings on your utility bills. That way you are always moving ahead to yourfinal goal of solar and, hopefully, the last of those bills.

Think of it as your own private energy revolving door. Youput some money into energy improvements– whatever your budget will bear. And:Be assured that not all improvements are expensive. Some are cheap; someare not; Some are do-it-yourself projects; some are jobs for a professional.

But that first energy-improvement investment puts you on thesavings side of the door. Your retrofit saves you a certain amount of money eachmonth. You put that aside for the next energy improvement. When you have enoughsaved, you can walk thru the savings door once more.

And so on.

This makes it important to invest in retrofits that repayquickly so you can move on to the next improvement with money saved from thelast one.

ByTerry Jensen

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